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Harvard Library Proxy Bookmarklet

How Do I Install It?

Drag-and-drop the "Check Harvard Library" button (below) into your favorites bar on your desktop:

Check Harvard Library

If you're viewing this page on a desktop or laptop, just drag the "Check Harvard Library" button below onto your browser's bookmarks toolbar. You can also create the bookmarklet manually by following the same directions in the “Mobile Devices” section below.

Mobile Devices

To create a bookmarklet on your device:

  • bookmark this page on your device
  • edit the bookmark so that the URL is:


What is the bookmarklet for?

Lots of sites hosting journal articles and other online resources keep their content locked behind firewalls. When you visit these sites via the Harvard network or through a HOLLIS+ search, the gatekeepers know that you're a Harvard affiliate and let you in.

But sometimes you find an article through a Google Scholar search or you go to a publisher's site directly rather than through HOLLIS+. The result? You get locked out.

The Harvard Library Proxy Bookmarklet is a little app for your browser that solves that problem, making sure you can still get access to all the articles and resources the Library subscribes to.

How Does It Work?

The bookmarklet sits in your browser's bookmarks bar the same way a site that you've bookmarked does. Except that it's not a site; it's more like an app.

When you're using your browser to visit a site and find yourself locked out of some content, article, or resource, try clicking the "Check Harvard Library" bookmark on your bookmarks bar. Your browser will check to see if a Harvard Library subscription to the journal or resource can get you in.

The bookmarklet will refresh the page and, if the Library subscribes to the resources—Open Sesame—the site's gatekeepers will lift the velvet rope and let you into the VIP section, giving you access to the article or resource.


If the publisher site asks you to pay even after reloading the page with the bookmarklet, that usually means the Library doesn't have online access. Please check HOLLIS+ to see if we have a print copy.

Otherwise, submit an Interlibrary Loan request (may take up to 10 days).

Think of the bookmarklet as a set of keys to unlock the back door of a publisher's site; it's still better (and easier) to just go through the front door via HOLLIS+.

HOLLIS+ is still the best way to access articles because:

  • It takes you directly to our paid version of the article.
  • If the Library doesn't have access, HOLLIS+ will auto-populate the InterLibrary Loan form for you to request the material (may take up to 10 days).
  • HOLLIS+ also has the Harvard Library catalog of books, journals, images, maps, archives, manuscripts, scores, music, videos, films, and data.

If you need help finding or accessing an article, Ask a Librarian.