Check Harvard Library Bookmark

Need access to an online article? Use this bookmarklet to get quick access to subscriptions purchased by Harvard Library.

Before you subscribe to a journal or buy an article, check to see if you have access through Harvard Library.

Once you install the Check Harvard Library bookmark, you're one click away from free access to thousands of online resources.

Getting Started

To begin, install the app by manually creating a bookmark in your browser's bookmark bar:

  1. Follow your browser's menu options for creating a bookmark on your bookmark bar. 
    (In most cases, this means typing in a URL, then dragging it to your bookmarks.)
  2. Set the bookmark URL or destination to: javascript:void(location.href=""+location.href)
  3. Set the bookmark name to: Check Harvard Library

Using the bookmark

Next time you find yourself being asked to purchase access to an online article, click the bookmark.

This will refresh the page and check if Harvard has a subscription to the resource. If it does, the content should now be available for you to access.

Things to know

  • If the site asks you to pay even after reloading the page with the app, that usually means Harvard Library doesn't have online access.
  • You can still check HOLLIS to see if the Library has a print copy, or you can request a print copy from another institution via BorrowDirect or Interlibrary Loan.
  • If you still need help finding or accessing an article, try Ask a Librarian.