Working with qualitative data and statistics? This powerful software for qualitative research analysis can help.


NVivo is a professional-level software program for qualitative research.

Highlights include:

  • analysis of tweets
  • image annotation (maps, photos, diagrams)
  • interview analysis (video, audio, transcript, field notes)
  • coding of open-ended questions on surveys
  • demographic analysis of qualitative data

NVivo can also generate powerful, interactive visualizations. Learn more about the program's capabilities.

Download NVivo

NVivo is available for free download for Harvard's FAS community.

Students at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health can access NVivo through their student VDI Software Inventory page.

Students not affiliated with FAS or HSPH can purchase at a discount directly from NVivo.

Get Help

Our NVivo guide provides basic tutorials and guidance.

We periodically hold workshops on NVivo. Check the library calendar for upcoming events.

We can also provide personal training and assistance with NVivo. Send requests via our Ask a Librarian service and we'll connect you with a specialist.