Need a copy? We can digitize special collections items for research or publication.

Harvard Library offers the ability to request copies of library materials for research or publication. Requests for copies are considered on a case-by-case basis.

There are three ways to initiate a reproduction request (detailed below), and all require you to have a HOLLIS Special Request account. You do not need to be affiliated with Harvard to create an account.

To begin, log into your HOLLIS Special Request account, or create a new account:

HOLLIS Special Request

How to request Reproductions

You can request reproductions via HOLLIS, through HOLLIS for Archival Discovery, or in HOLLIS Special Request. Our ability to fulfill your request depends on the policies of the library that holds the material, the condition of the material, copyright, or donor restrictions.

Start your request via HOLLIS

  • Find the item you'd like reproduced in the HOLLIS catalog
  • Click the "Request to Copy or Visit" link 
  • This link will bring you to the HOLLIS Special Request system, and it will default to the Reading Room Request Form 
  • Click the "Switch to Copy Request" button at the top of the form 
  • The form will auto-populate with the information pulled from HOLLIS
  • Complete the form and submit your request

If the "Request to Copy or Visit" option does not display in HOLLIS, contact the library that holds the material to place your reproduction request. To see the "Request to Copy or Visit" option, you may need to click on the call number for it to appear.


        • When viewing an item in HOLLIS for Archival Discovery, click "Add to my request list"
        • Select "Copy from" the request type drop-down menu
        • Choose the format and delivery method desired
        • Submit the form
        • Log in to HOLLIS Special Request to complete the submission

          Start your request via HOLLIS Special Request

          Reproduction Pricing

          Pricing for reproductions varies based on the characteristics of the source material and the quality of reproduction requested. 

          Many libraries are able to provide quick reference scans of a few pages at no cost. If the original material cannot be digitized by the library, or if very high-quality scans are necessary for publication, the request will be forwarded to Harvard Library’s Imaging Services department. (View the Imaging Services price list.

          You will be contacted with a quote before your request is processed and pre-payment is required for all orders. 

          Contact us

          If you have questions about requesting reproductions, you can contact the library that holds the materials or you can contact Imaging Services at 617-495-3995 or

          Scan & Deliver

          Looking for a scan of a journal article or a chapter of a book in our stacks or general collections? Try Scan & Deliver.