Swank Digital Campus

Faculty can request films from major motion picture studios for use in their courses.

Swank Digital Campus offers access to popular films from major partners such as Sony, Disney, MGM, Paramount, and more.

Helpful Tips

  • The library is participating in a model that allows access to materials on a per-semester basis. Swank film licensing requests will only be granted to faculty for required course material.
  • Once access is granted, films can be linked directly in Canvas.
  • Please note that while many films are available for immediate activation, some titles may take longer — please try to get your requests in as early as possible.
  • If access to a film is needed beyond the semester identified, please submit a request for assistance.

Instructions for Faculty

  • Before making your request, browse the Swank catalog to see if a title is available
  • Submit your purchase request
  • In your request, be sure to note which course the film is needed for

Access Swank Digital Campus