Teach with Houghton Library

Collaborate with us on engaging learning experiences, primary source exploration, and hands-on printing.

Houghton Library staff are happy to host class visits with hands-on exploration of our collections, provide student consultations, or help you develop out-of-class learning experiences for your students.

Whether you are looking to bring your students to Houghton Library for a single visit, develop a semester-long project with us, or anything in between, we’re here to support your students’ learning. 


    Houghton's Printing Studio

    Our printing studio can accommodate small groups of students for interactive demonstrations on the invention of printing and other hands-on workshops customized to your teaching goals.

    Request Class Support

    The first step to integrating Houghton Library into your course is submitting a request. If you have questions about what kinds of support we can offer, you can also get in touch with us for more information. 

    Staff and space are in high demand throughout the semester, so please make your requests early. Four weeks is our minimum notice, but the sooner you get in touch with us, the more likely we are to be able to accommodate your request. We are happy to host repeat visits, but cannot host more than 4 total visits per course. 

    Request a Class

    You'll be asked for the following information when you submit a class request:

    • goals for your students' work with our collections
    • course title and number
    • instructor contact information
    • number of students in the class
    • possible dates and times for your class visit, in order of preference

    Things to Keep In Mind When Selecting Materials 

    We recommend no more than 12 items per visit. Fewer items can allow students to engage more closely with the materials than an overwhelming display. Large classes or certain activities may require more items—talk with the librarian or archivist working with you on your class if needed. 

    We ask that the materials used for a course be requested no later than 2 weeks before the first visit—this gives us time to prepare materials and, when necessary, select substitutes for items that are too fragile or otherwise unavailable.

    Preparing Your Students

    • Make sure your students know where to meet on class day. We typically meet in the Houghton lobby before going to our classrooms. Printing workshops meet in the lobby of Lamont.
    • Students are welcome to bring in cell phones and laptops. We provide pencil and paper for taking notes. If you expect your students to need other material in our classrooms (like notebooks or course readings), talk to us in advance.
    • To protect our collections from accidental damage, students will be asked to put most of their personal belongings (including all bags, laptop cases, and jackets) in lockers. Food and drink are also not allowed in our classrooms.
    • Due to the nature of our materials, special collections libraries typically have different security measures than other libraries students may have worked in. Our classrooms have cameras and the lobby guards will ask to inspect all materials brought in and out of Houghton.