A library research intensive

Unabridged is a foundations course that prepares you for a career in academic research. In this program, participants can expect to learn strategies and frameworks that they will continue to use throughout their careers.

About the Program

This course is available in two formats.

  • Unabridged In Person is our five-day intensive for Harvard graduate students, held on campus in January. 
  • Unabridged On Demand is an independent learning website open to everyone: choose from a variety of modules and learn at your own pace.

Unabridged On Demand

Unabridged On Demand is an independent learning resource available to everyone. You can choose from a variety of modules and explore at your own pace. 

Visit Unabridged On Demand


About the course

Course modules are divided into four collections:

  • Getting Started: perfect for researchers who are embarking on a new project or degree program
  • Presenting and Publishing: designed for researchers who are sending out manuscripts and setting up academic profiles
  • Best Practices: tools for researchers who are skilling up for a deep dive
  • Archives and Primary Sources: ideal for researchers who want to explore unique and rare source materials

Unabridged In Person

Unabridged In Person is a 5-day intensive, typically offered during the second week of January. This program of in-person workshops is open to Harvard graduate students, postdocs, and faculty. Visit Unabridged In Person on our Canvas site to apply (October-January), join our email list, and learn more about the program content.

Join a cohort of your peers to gain experience with a variety of research tools and approaches, and get to know many of the incredible experts in the libraries and centers across campus who can help propel your research forward.

Our holistic approach focuses on strategies that are adaptable and enduring.

  • Become a more flexible and creative researcher
  • Navigate databases with confidence
  • Develop better note-taking and filing systems
  • Connect to a network of campus experts
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Transition smoothly to a new university‚Äôs library systems