Julianna Barrera-Gomez

Digital Preservation Analyst
Preservation Services

I work with the Digital Preservation team within the Preservation Services unit of Harvard Library, providing shared digital preservation services to all library and archives units throughout Harvard.

Prior to my arrival here, I worked in many capacities and roles in libraries, including: my first public services student job at the Gerstenzang Science Library at Brandeis University; working in technical services at the Ann Arbor District Library; learning from mentors about the intricacies of digitization and digital preservation at the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan; interning with the Electronic Record Program leads at the Smithsonian Institution Archives; engaging in research at OCLC; and pushing through various archives and digital preservation milestones to build a digital stewardship program at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

As an anthropologist, I am fascinated by the affordances, dependencies and limitations of digital preservation, and am interested in examining how original meaning and context can be better captured to ensure that long-term access goes beyond technical rendering.