Julie Goldman is a white women with long light red hair, wearing a grey shirt with a green cardigan, and a rhinestone necklace. She is smiling at the camera.

Julie Goldman

Research Data Services Librarian

As the Countway Research Data Services Librarian, part of the department for Open Scholarship and Research Data Services (OSRDS), I work with students and faculty researchers in the sciences and partner with them to plan for the management of their data throughout the lifecycle of their research project. I consult on research data management issues, and assist researchers with citing and publishing their data.

Research Data Management is the process of providing the appropriate labeling, storage, and access for data at all stages of a research project. It is a fundamental component of reproducible research. Please reach out if you need help with data planning, organization, cleaning, and sharing.

I am a certified Carpentries Instructor, involved in Open Access journal publishing, and experienced online course instructor. Through all this work, I promote open science, reproducible workflows, and broadening scientific communication.

Check out the ongoing work and resources on the Harvard Biomedical Data Management Website.