A white, nonbinary person with dark chin length hair, glasses, and grey turtleneck smiles at the camera.

Meg McMahon

User Experience Researcher
UX and Discovery
Lamont Library

Meg McMahon (they/them) is the User Experience Researcher at the Usability Research Center within Harvard Library. In their work they believe in listening to the user in creation of new systems and designs. When envisioning the future of the platform or product they turn to participatory design and collective creativity over innovation.  

In their work they provide consultation to support library staff as they gather, process, analyze, manage, and report data related to library resources and services. They advocate for accessible and inclusive practices and audits library systems to create digital solutions that value all users. They conduct UX research for the library large, directly supporting library strategic initiatives, and small, helping a discrete team within the library answer a question vital to their service design. This includes creating, executing, analyzing, and reporting on UX research for the library. 

Meg supports the URC in many collaborative efforts. They support Google Analytic strategy and management for Harvard Library. They helped form the UX research repository for the library and is the primary product manager for the repository. They help create and revise templates for the larger Harvard community for UX research methods. They participate in the planning of the URC’s UX Brown Bag and has presented URC research at the event as well. 

Believing in collaboration across institutions and that there is power within sharing knowledge they are involved with projects outside of Harvard Library. Most recently they where a collaborator on National Forum on the Prevention of Cyber Sexual Abuse handbook, and has contributed to Weave: Journal Of Library User Experience. They have worked on the admin team of the Digital Accessibility Working Group within DLF

They graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in May 2020 with a MSIS in Human Computer Interaction and certificates in Digital Humanities and Diversity Advocacy. Outside of work, their interests include film, comedy, and fiber craft. 


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