Ramona Crawford

Head of Academic Partnerships
Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Widener Library

Ramona Crawford, Head of Academic Partnerships in Harvard Library's Services for Academic Programs unit, is liaison to Psychology, Folklore and Mythology, Celtic Languages and Literatures, and South Asian Studies. Her research interests include adult development, imaginative cognition in the arts, and the transmission and adaptation of intergenerational knowledge through communities of practice (including in-person communities and those wherein membership is remote or technologically mediated), with a focus on representational drawing. As a librarian, she is devoted to understanding and improving the research experiences of scholars across the academic spectrum, from students to faculty, research assistants, staff members, and fellows. For members of the Harvard community, she is available to teach classes or provide consultations on library research, citation management, and qualitative methodologies (e.g., resources for research interviewing and qualitative data analysis). Ramona holds a PhD in educational studies from Lesley University and has an MA in educational technology from Fairfield University, an MLS from Kent State University, and a BA in fine arts from Alfred University.


  • Research, Teaching, and Learning
  • Liaison
  • Reference
  • First-Year Librarian


  • Spanish