Sarah DeMott

Research Librarian
Harvard Library
Lamont Library

Sarah DeMott (Ph.D., New York University) is a Research Librarian specializing in Mediterranean History. Sarah is also the librarian for the First-Year Seminars for Harvard College in which she coordinates library outreach and instructional support.   DeMott's areas of computational specialty include working with: Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) Software, Digital Scholarship, and Social Sciences Research Methods.

  • Librarian for the First-Year Seminar
  • Liaison to Near East Languages and Civilizations (NELC,) Center for Jewish Studies (CJS,) and Center for Middle East Studies (CMES)
  • Harvard Library Liaison to Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery (H&LS) initiative,  Research Librarian for the Harvard Slavery Remembrance Program (HSRP)

My role within the Harvard Legacy of Slavery Initiative is as a member of the research team for the Harvard Slavery Remembrance Program (HSRP.)    The Harvard Slavery Remembrance Program is concerned with the work of recommendation IV which is to identify people who labored under enslavement to the benefit of Harvard, and people who directly profited from the labor of people who were enslaved while associated with Harvard in the positions of faculty, leadership, or staff.  There are two branches of Recommendation IV’s team, archival researchers conducting historical research to identify and name people; and genealogical researchers who, in partnership with the New England Historical Genealogical Society, trace connections to direct descendants.


  • Italian