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Russian Theatrical Designs

Portraits and designs for the ballet, opera, and theater.
Alexandra Exter, set design for Le Cirque, 1927-28. View Details.
Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library

The Harvard Theatre Collection at Houghton Library holds a large collection of Russian artwork that includes portraits and designs for the ballet, opera, and theater.

Among the artists that are well represented in the collection are:

  • Léon Bakst
  • Alexandre Benois
  • Serge Soudeikine
  • Georges Pogedaieff
  • Eugene Berman
  • Natalia Gon­charova
  • Alexandra Exter
  • Mikhail Larionov

Accessing These Materials

Although much of the artwork is spread across larger collections, like the Howard D. Rothschild Collection on Ballets Russes, some items are also cataloged individually and many have been digitized.

For a selection of digital images, see HOLLIS Images.