Art and activism have long been intertwined. This selection of new acquisitions carries on this work, addressing issues from antiracism to climate change, women’s rights and beyond. Through engagement with art and the book, they prompt the viewer to consider a new perspective or take action. 


Mitchell, Sauda. Never Forget #1. Self-published, 2020.   

Galanin, Nicholas. Never Forget. Seattle, WA: Minor Matters, 2021.  

Stern, Meredith. “Hear Me Roar.” 2012, from portfolio I Can’t Believe I Still Have To Protest This Fucking Shit. Brooklyn, NY: Booklyn, 2022. 

Burrell, Ginger. Biosphere. Morgan Hill, CA: Midnight Moon Press, 2019.  

Kalmbach, Ann E. and Tatana Kellner. Your Leader Could Be a Tyrant. Rosendale, NY: Women’s Studio Workshop, 2019.  

Beverly, Maya. Still Not Free. Rosendale, NY: Women’s Studio Workshop, 2021.