New Acquisitions Spotlight: Contemporary Art presents a selection of recently acquired book works from around the globe. On display:

Letterpress printed magnetic blocks arranged in a snake-like formation
  • Lara Henderson, mineral, 2023, HOLLIS # 99156706445903941
  • Guo Shuang, Fangyang De Tongnian (A Carefree Childhood) 放養的童年。郭雙 創刻, 2023, HOLLIS # 99157066777903941
  • Adam HajYahia and Haitham Haddad, Under the glare of the moon: aesthetics lineages of revolt, 2023, HOLLIS # 99157152176503941
  • Miriam Elia, We go to the gallery (artist's edition), 2014, HOLLIS # 99156944447203941
  • David Stairs, Boundless, 2020, HOLLIS # 99156717081003941
  • Judy Rushin, Denise Bookwalter, Allison Milham, AB Gorham, and Michelle Ray, VVVVV, 2015, HOLLIS # 99156677459203941

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