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Back Issues

Harvard Library Bulletin back issues from vol. 1, no. 1 through vol. 24, no. 3 (1947-2013) are available online.

Table of Contents: 1990 through 2016


Spring-Summer 2016, Volume 27, Numbers 1-2

Picturing Emerson: An Iconography by Joel Myerson and Leslie Perrin Wilson

Fall 2015, Volume 26, Number 3

Preserving Collective Memory: Nineteenth-Century Harvard Class Books and Albums

  • Introduction by Megan Sniffin-Marinoff
  • “We Carry With Us Precious Memorials”: Early Harvard Class Photograph Albums by Melissa Banta
  • A New Analytical Technique in the Service of an Early Photographic Process by Elena Bula
  • A Documentary History of Fellow Feeling: Tracing Connection at Harvard by Caroline Tanski
  • Harvard’s Early Social Media by Kate Bowers


Spring-Summer 2015, Volume 26, Numbers 1-2

The Caroline Miller Parker Collection of the Work of Walter Crane at Houghton Library: A Celebration of Its Riches and Research Potential on the Centenary Anniversary of the Artist’s Death

  • The World of Walter Crane by Hope Mayo
  • The Caroline Miller Parker Collection of the Work of Walter Crane: A History and Survey of the Collection by Francesca Tancini
  • The House That Crane Built: Walter Crane, The House That Jack Built, and the Artist’s Early Book Production by Francesca Tancini


Fall 2014, Volume 25, Number 3

  • The José María Castañé Collection of Twentieth-Century Historical Documents: Its Origins and Development by José María Castañé
  • Membra Disjecta Sinaitica II: Three Syriac Fragments in the Harvard University Library by Grigory Kessel
  • Translating Benjamin Franklin’s “Way to Wealth” into German… And Then Back into English by Kenneth E. Carpenter
  • From French Nobility to American Farmer: The d’Autremont Family Papers in the Schlesinger Library by Catherine T.C. Spaeth
  • Watermarks and Watersheds: The Dating of MS Riant 80 and the Overlapping Production of Manuscripts and Printed Books by Racha Kirakosian


Summer 2014, Volume 25, Number 2

  • Henry James’s Fiction: A Comparison of Some Publishing Practices of Macmillan and Houghton, Mifflin by David J. Supino
  • How I Found the Poets and How I Left Them: A Librarian’s Apology for Bibliography by Roger E. Stoddard
  • Literary Works of Harry Levin’s Youth: The Making of a Major-Minor Modernist by Stephanie Spong and David King Dunaway
  • Margaret Fuller and That Vineyard: A Note by Mario Bannoni


Spring 2014, Volume 25, Number 1

  • The George Parker Winship Lecture Series at Houghton Library: A Bibliographer’s Creed by G. Thomas Tanselle


Fall 2013, Volume 24, Number 3

  • Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, 1714-1788: Exhibitions and Essays Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Composer’s Birth


Summer 2013, Volume 24, Number 2

  • “Yours for freedom”: John P. Jewett Writes to Charles Sumner by Michael Winship
  • Literary Fetishes: The Bronte Miniature Books by Liz Maynes-Aminzade
  • Conceptual Constructions: Preservation of Harvard’s Bronte Juvenilia by Melissa Banta


Spring 2013, Volume 24, Number 1

  • Catalog of Israeli Russian-Language Publications in the Harvard Library, Edited by Charles Berlin and Elizabeth Vernon with an Introduction by Evgeny Soshkin
  • Making Sense of Miscellanies: Houghton Library MS Turk 11, an Ottoman Mecmua, Meredith M. Quinn
  • “Containers of Ideas”: The Collection of Printmaking Artifacts of Philip Hofer, Caroline Duroselle-Melish


Fall 2012, Volume 23, Number 3

  • The Fine Arts Library at 50, Edited by Amanda Bowen and Robert Sennett


Spring-Summer 2012, Volume 23, Numbers 1-2

  • From Rhubarb to Rubies: European Travels to Safavid Iran (1550-1700)
  • The Lands of the Sophi: Iran in Early Modern European Maps (1550-1700)
  • Visiting Curators: Elio Brancaforte (Tulane University); Sonja Brentjes (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)


Summer-Fall 2011, Volume 22, Numbers 2-3
The Edward Lear Collection at Harvard University: Essays, a Checklist of the Incomparable Collection, and an Exhibition Catalog on the Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of Lear’s Birth

  • The Natural History of Edward Lear, Robert McCracken Peck
  • The Edward Lear Collection at Harvard University, Hope Mayo
  • Exhibition Catalog: The Natural History of Edward Lear


Spring 2011, Volume 22, Number 1

  • Reading and Collecting Dante in America: Harvard College Library and the Dante Society, Christian Y. Dupont
  • "Temporary Spiritual Sustenance": The Print Culture of Russian Displaced Persons in Post-War Germany (1945-1951), Philipp S. Penka


Winter 2010, Volume 21, Number 4
William Makepeace Thackeray: Essays and an Exhibition Catalog on the Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of a Major Victorian Novelist

  • Thackeray and his American Admirers-“Pleasant folks to fall among”, John Aplin
  • Thackeray’s Drawings at Houghton Library, Sue Lonoff de Cuevas
  • “There is no author so appealing to the collector”: Building a Thackeray Research Collection at Harvard, Heather G. Cole
  • Exhibition Catalog, The Adventures of Thackeray in His Way Through the World: His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends and His Family


Fall 2010, Volume 21, Number 3

  • Melville’s Copy of Thomas Beale’s The Natural History of the Sperm Whale and the Composition of Moby-Dick, Steven Olsen-Smith
  • The President Meets the Prophet: Charles W. Eliot’s 1910 Encounter with Kahlil Gibran, Paul M. Wright


Spring-Summer 2010, Volume 21, Numbers 1-2

  • Piecing Together the Picture: Fragments of German and Netherlandish Manuscripts in Houghton Library, Jeffrey F. Hamburger
  • Eucharist and Holy Spirit: Hidden Mass-Theology in an Early Thirteenth-Century Office Book Fragment, Felix Heinzer
  • Rules to Live By: A Late Thirteenth-Century De Regimine mensium, Jeffrey F. Hamburger
  • A Leaf of the Baptism of Christ and its Place in Thirteenth-Century Bavarian Psalter Illumination, Gude Suckale-Redlefsen
  • The “Sweet Style” in Regensburg: An Addition to the Leaves from the early Fourteenth-Century Antiphonary from the Dominican Convent of the Holy Cross, Robert Suckale
  • The Houghton Library Lanzelet Fragment, Nigel F. Palmer
  • Typology Refigured: Marian Devotions derived from the Speculum humanae salvationis, Jeffrey F. Hamburger
  • New Fragments of an Alsatian Copy of Jordan of Quedlinburg’s Sixty-Five Articles on the Passion, Jeffrey F. Hamburger
  • Unpublished Leaves from the Missal of Johannes von Giltlingen, James H. Marrow
  • An Unnoticed Photograph at Houghton Library; or, Unknown Leaves from the Library of Raphael de Marcatellis, Peter Kidd


Fall-Winter 2009, Volume 20, Number 3-4

  • Preface, Thomas A. Horrocks
  • Introduction, Howard D. Weinbrot
  • Johnson and Revolution, Nicholas Hudson
  • Johnson and Slavery, James G. Basker
  • Johnson on Blackmore, Pope, Shakespeare—and Johnson, James Engell
  • Vindicating Milton: Poetic Misprision in Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language, Allen Reddick
  • Modes of Definition in Johnson and His Contemporaries, Jack Lynch
  • Studies of Johnson’s Dictionary, 1955-2009: A Bibliography, Jack Lynch


Summer 2009, Volume 20, Number 2

  • The Model of a Modern Impresario; Diaghilev’s Russian Background, Laurence Senelick
  • William James in his Times and Ours: Essays on the Occasion of the Centennial Exhibition at Houghton Library, “Life is in the transitions”: William James, 1842-1910
  • Jane Porter’s Later Works, 1825-1846, Thomas McLean


    Spring 2009, Volume 20, Number 1

    • The First and Second Recensions of the Chronique Anonyme Universelle: Houghton MS Typ 41 and MS Fr 495, Lisa Fagin Davis
    • Four Transcendental Soldiers: Did Combat Experience Kill Emersonian Idealism in W.B. Greene, C.A. Dana, T.W. Higginson, and J.K. Hosmer?, Michael West
    • Jake’s Black Box, Roger Stoddard


    Fall-Winter 2008, Volume 19, Numbers 3-4

    • Harvard's Lincoln, Thomas A. Horrocks, Foreword by Harold Holzer


    Spring-Summer 2008, Volume 19, Numbers 1-2

    • "From the Great Desire of Promoting Learning": Thomas Hollis's Gifts to the Harvard College Library, William H. Bond. Introduction by Allen Reddick; Preface by William P. Stoneman


    Fall-Winter 2007, Volume 18, Numbers 3-4

    • A Guide to Ukrainian Special Collections at Harvard University, Edited by Ksenya Kiebuzinski


    Spring-Summer 2007, Volume 18, Numbers 1-2

    • Golden Muse: The Loeb Music Library at 50, Edited by Sarah Adams, Virginia Danielson, and Robert J. Dennis


    Fall-Winter 2006, Volume 17, Numbers 3-4

    • Public Poet, Private Man: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow at 200, Christoph Irmscher


      Spring-Summer 2006, Volume 17, Numbers 1-2

      • Benjamin Franklin: A How-to Guide, Catalog of an Exhibition at Houghton Library June 5 – September 23, 2006 and the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments June 5 – December 19, 2006, Edited by Joyce E. Chaplin


      Winter 2005, Volume 16, Number 4

      • Angus McBean, Theatrical Photographer, 1904-1990: An Exhibition in the Harvard Theatre Collection
        • Angus McBean and Photography in the Harvard Theatre Collection, Fredric Woodbridge Wilson
        • Angus McBean and the Theatre, Richard Traubner
      • The “Head Quarters of Balladry”: Harvard, Child, Kittredge, and The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Mary Ellen Brown
      • An “Uncommonly Good” Design: H. Langford Warren’s 1906 Drawings for a Harvard Press Building, Maureen Meister


      Fall 2005, Volume 16, Number 3

      • Among Harvard’s Libraries, The Bateman Hornbook, J.F. Coakley
      • Search for the Ten Privately Printed Copies of Longfellow’s translation of the Divine Comedy “In Commemorazione del secentesimo Anniversario della Nascita di Dante Alighieri”, Joan Nordell
      • The “Dry-Lighted Soul” Ignites: Emerson and His Soul-Mate Caroline Sturgis As Seen in Her Houghton Manuscripts, Kathleen Lawrence


      Spring-Summer 2005, Volume 16, Numbers 1-2

      • First Supplement to James E. Walsh’s Catalogue of the Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in the Harvard University Library, David R. Whitesell


      New Series Fall-Winter 2004, Volume 15, Numbers 3-4

      • A Discography of the Harvard Vocarium, Josephine Packard


      Spring-Summer 2004, Volume 15, Numbers 1-2

      • RES Gestae, Libri Manent: An Exhibition and Symposium Celebrating the Career of Roger E. Stoddard


      Spring 2003, Volume 14, Number 4

      • Title-Labels in British Books, Brian J. McMullin


      Spring 2003, Volume 14, Number 3

      • Among Harvard’s Libraries
      • “A Beginning is Made”: The New Card Catalogue of the Harvard College Library and the Female Labor Force, 1856-1877, Barbara A. Mitchell
      • Building “Wisdom and Stability”: Mary Lowell Putnam’s Library and Women’s Book Culture in the Nineteenth Century, Helena Toth
      • Librarians in loco parentis, Matthew Battles


      Spring 2003, Volume 14, Number 2

      • Among Harvard’s Libraries
      • Familiar Quotations, Michael Hancher
      • Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations: “A Glancing Bird’s Eye View” by a “Morbid Scholiast”, Michael David Cohen


      Spring 2003, Volume 14, Number 1

      • Among Harvard’s Libraries
      • Recent Acquisitions: Harvard Law School Library, David Ferris
      • Recent Acquisitions: Baker Library of the Harvard Business School, Tom Michalak, Jeff Cronin and Tim Driscoll
      • The 2002 Philip Hofer Prize for Book and Art Collecting, Katharine Olson
      • Robert Southey and The Flagellant, W.A. Speck
      • Philip Chetwind and the Shakespeare Third Folio, Don-John Dugas
      • Disjunction, Disunion, Daguerreotype, John R. Stilgoe


      Fall-Winter 2002, Volume 13, Numbers 3-4

      • Ralph Waldo Emerson: A Bicentennial Exhibition at Houghton Library, Ronald A. Bosco and Joel Myerson


      Summer 2002, Volume 13, Number 2

      • Among Harvard’s Libraries
      • Recent Acquisitions: Loeb Music Library, Sarah Adams and Virginia Danielson
      • Recent Acquisitions: Harvard Theatre Collection, Fredric Woodbridge Wilson
      • Thomas Hollis of London and his Gifts: Two Hundred Seventy-Five Years of Piety and Philanthropy at Harvard, Peter J. Gomes
      • The Library of the Hollis Professor of Divinity to 1778: A Checklist, Peter X. Accardo


      Spring 2002, Volume 13, Number 1

      • Hollis Redux, Matthew Battles
      • Everyone’s Wild About Harry, Denison Beach
      • The Measure of Ruins: Dilettanti in the Levant, 1750-1770, Bruce Redford
      • Reading Nature Writing: Houghton Mifflin Company, the Ohio Teachers’ Reading Circle, and In American Fields and Forests (1909), Eric Lupfer
      • EP, 1964, Ira Nadel


      Fall-Winter 2001, Volume 12, Number 4

      • A New Bibliography of John Crowne, B.J. McMullin


      Summer 2001, Volume 12, Number 3

      • Four Gems, Valerie Lester
      • Filling in the Blanks: The Significance of Space in Emily Dickinson's Manuscript Books, Domhnall Mitchell
      • William Jennings Bryan on a Gasoline Yacht: The Great Commoner Meets John Reed, Daniel W. Lehman


      Winter-Spring 2001, Volume 12, Numbers 1-2

      • The Lost Continent: Neo-Latin Literature and the Rise of Modern European Literatures. Catalog of an Exhibition at the Houghton Library 5 March - 5 May 2001, Edited by James Hankins


      Fall 2000, Volume 11, Numbers 3-4

      • Intention and Acumen: Recent Acquisitions in Harvard's Libraries, A Special Issue, Edited by Kenneth E. Carpenter


      Summer 2000, Volume 11, Number 2

      • Letter to the Editor, Jan Ziolkowski
      • Melville's Prints: The Melville Chapin Collection, Robert K. Wallace
      • A Blue and Gold Mystique: Reading the Material Text in Louisa May Alcott's "Pansies" and Ticknor & Field's Blue and Gold Series, Sarah Wadsworth
      • The First Black Index: Albert P. Marshall and A Guide to Negro Periodical Literature, Richard Newman


      Spring 2000 Volume 11, Number 1

      • The Catalecta Petrulliana and the Burman Affair: Sex, Religion, and Feuding in Eighteenth-Century Netherlands, Blanche T. Ebeling-Koning
      • Memorial Hall Windows Designed by Sarah Wyman Whitman, Virginia Raguin
      • Malays Toying with Americans: the Rare Voices of Malay Scribes in Two Houghton Library Manuscripts, Ian Proudfoot


      Winter 1999, Volume 10, Number 4

      • "retracting nothing, & reaffirming all": F.B. Sanborn, the Emersons, and a Courtship Gone Wrong, Joel Myerson
      • Talking Stones: Anthologies of Epitaphs from Humanism to Popular Culture, Karl S. Guthke


      Summer-Fall 1999, Volume 10, Numbers 2-3

      • Playwrights' Remuneration in Eighteenth-Century London, Judith Milhous and Robert D. Hume


      Spring 1999, Volume 10, Number 1

      • In Memoriam: Carolyn Fawcett (1945-1999)
      • "Si vis archetypas habere nugas": Authorial Subscriptions in the Houghton Library and Huntington Library Copies of Politian, Miscelleanea (Florence: Miscomini 1489), Joseph A. Dane
      • What is a Fascicle? Reading Emily Dickinson's Manuscript Books, Mary Loeffelholz
      • The Influence of English Radical Satire on Nineteenth-Century American Print Satire: David Claypool Johnston's The House That Jeff Built, Marcus Wood


        Winter 1998, Volume 9, Number 4

        • An American Tribute to Otto Harrassowitz, Antiquariat und Verlagsbuchhandlung
        • Foreword: Germanic Studies at Harvard: A Symposium and a Celebration, Michael P. Olson
        • Otto Harrassowitz and His Firm, James Henry Spohrer
        • The German Resources and Projects at the Library of Congress, Margrit Krewson
        • Arnhem, February 23, 1395: Reconstructing the First Carnival Play Performance in the Germanic Collections, Eckehard Simon
        • "Well said Mr. Northcote": Hester Thrale Piozzi's Annotated Copy of James Northcote's Biography of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Richard Wendorf
        • "Always Affectionately William James": Letters to a Young Lady, Bernice Grohskopf
        • Flora V. Livingston: Curator of the Harry Elkins Widener Collection, Bibliographer, and Lewis Carroll Enthusiast, August A. Imholtz, Jr.


        Fall 1998, Volume 9, Number 3

        • Richard Woodhouse's Cause Book: The Opium-Eater, the Magazine Wars, and the London Literary Scene in 1821, Robert Morrison


        Summer 1998, Volume 9, Number 2

        • Byron in America to 1830, Peter X. Accardo


        Spring 1998, Volume 9, Number 1

        • Printing in the Mission Field, Edited by J.F. Coakley


        Winter 1997, Volume 8, Number 4

        • Melville's Prints: David Metcalf's Prints and Tile, Robert K. Wallace
        • Melville's Prints: The Gipsies, Robert K. Wallace
        • The Melville House at 104 East 26th Street, Hershel Parker
        • The Story Behind a Stray Medieval Manuscript Leaf, Jerome S. Arkenberg

        Fall 1997, Volume 8, Number 3

        • Forming Harvard's Collection of Incunabula, James E. Walsh

        Summer 1997, Volume 8, Number 2

        • His Lectures Were Poetry, His Teaching the Music of the Spheres: Annie Adams Fields and Francis Greenwood Peabody on Emerson's "Natural History of the Intellect" University Lectures at Harvard in 1870, Ronald A. Bosco


        Spring 1997, Volume 8, Number 1

        • Teaching Fascism: Schoolbooks of Mussolini's Italy, Clive Foss
        • Virgil, Theodore Roosevelt, and John Davis Long, Neighbors in the Widener Stacks, Richard F. Thomas
        • Victorian Scholarship and the Addison Manuscript, J.D. Alsop
        • G.W. Cottrell, Jr.: A Memoir, William H. Bond


        Winter 1996, Volume 7, Number 4

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • About This Issue
        • The Area Studies Collections in the Context of the Holdings and Circulation of Widener Library Monographs in Academic Year 1996/1997, Elizabeth Vernon
        • A New Software Interface for Cataloging in Widener Library, William Hays
        • Gaito Gazdanov: Russian Émigré Literature at Harvard, Laszlo Dienes
        • Chronological Table of Gazdanov's Life and Work
        • Catalog of the Paper of Gaito Gazdanov
        • The Giaour and "The Greek Boy", Peter X. Accardo


        Fall 1996, Volume 7, Number 3

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • Dr. Morse at Houghton Library, William Bond
        • End of the War Between Print and Electronics, Kenneth E. Carpenter
        • A Question of "Character": Visual Images and the Nineteenth-Century Construction of Edgar Allan Poe, William A. Pannapacker
        • Nietzsche's Collapse, Karl S. Guthke
        • An Early Catalonian Charter, Nathaniel L. Taylor
        • Charles Darwin, Henry James, Sr., and "Evolution", James Duban


        Summer 1996, Volume 7, Number 2

        • The Author's Image: Italian Sixteenth-Century Printed Portraits, Ruth Mortimer, with an Introduction by G. Thomas Tanselle


        Spring 1996, Volume 7, Number 1

        • On the Occasion of Hugh Amory's Retirement
        • In the Houghton Library Exhibition Hall, 7 December 1995, for the record…, Roger Stoddard
        • 1695-1995: Some Tercentenary Thoughts on the Freedoms of the Press, Michael Treadwell
        • Fielding's Tragedy of Tragedies: Papal Fallibility and Scriblerian Satire, Howard D. Weinbrot
        • Refining Rochester: Private Texts and Public Readers, Harold Love
        • The Trout and The Milk: An Ethnobibliographical Talk, Hugh Amory


        Winter 1995, Volume 6, Number 4

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • Harvard's Eighteenth-Century Library Catalogues Republished
        • On the Previous Issue of the HLB - "Widener Library: Voices from the Stacks"
        • Exhibitions in Widener Library · About This Issue, Kenneth E. Carpenter
        • Harry Elkins Widener and A.S.W. Rosenbach: Of Books and Friendship, Leslie A. Morris
        • The Picture, the Poem, the Book: Henri Michaux's Three-Dimensional Creation, Elizabeth R. Jackson
        • Edward Breath and the Typography of Syriac, J.F. Coakley


        Fall 1995, Volume 6, Number 3

        • Widener Library: Voices from the Stacks, A special issue edited by Kenneth E. Carpenter and Richard F. Thomas


        Summer 1995, Volume 6, Number 2

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • The Riant Collection in the Harvard College Library, James E. Walsh
        • Guides to the Perplexed in the Wilderness of Hebraica: From Historical to Contemporary Bibliographies and Catalogs of Hebraica, Menahem Schmelzer
        • Archibald Cary Coolidge and Carinthia, Kenneth E. Carpenter
        • Technological Advances in Publishing and the Media: The News in the Future Program, Jerome S. Rubin
        • A Librarian's Challenge, Kenneth E. Carpenter
        • "Dreaded Eloquence": The Origins and Rise of African American Literary Societies and Libraries, Elizabeth McHenry
        • Harvard Library Bibliography: Supplement


        Spring 1995, Volume 6, Number 1

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • Cataloging Books in Widener, Kenneth E. Carpenter
        • From Worksheet to Workstation: Technical Services Workstations in Harvard College Library's Cataloging Services Department, Michael Kaplan
        • Melville's Prints: The Ambrose Group, Robert K. Wallace
        • A Sinister Macbeth: The Macklin Production of 1773, Matthew J. Kinservik


        Winter 1994-1995, Volume 5, Number 4

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • Digital Imaging at the Harvard Library, Charles Berlin
        • Cataloging Harvard's Incunabula
        • Alice Speaks Russian: The Russian Translations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, Nina M. Demurova
        • Vestris-Mania and the Construction of Celebrity: Auguste Vestris in London, 1780-81, Judith Milhous


        Fall 1994, Volume 5, Number 3

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • Douglas W. Bryant (1913-1994), Sidney Verba
        • A Note on the Origins of the Houghton Library
        • An Acquisitions Trip to Ukraine, Jaryna Turko Bodrock
        • Harvard's Germanic Collections: Their History, Their Future, Michael P. Olson
        • Graffiti and the Imagination: Paul Goodman in His Short Stories, Taylor Stoehr
        • Two Leaves of the Gottschalk Antiphonary, Lisa Fagin Davis
        • Charles Eliot Norton's "Medicean Dante", Rachel Jacoff
        • Contracts for Two Drury Lane Actresses in 1822, Cheryl Wanko


        Summer 1994, Volume 5, Number 2

        • Literature and the Visual Arts from the Pre-Raphaelites to Warhol, Edited by Richard Wendorf


        Spring 1994, Volume 5, Number 1

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • The Great Catalog-Card To-Do
        • Producing the Harvard Library Bulletin
        • Mildred Howells as the Father's Daughter: Living within His Lines, Polly H. Howells
        • Slouching towards Altruria: Evolution, Ecology, and William Dean Howells, Glen A. Love
        • "The Dream of Duty Tormenting Us All": The World of Chance and the Decline of Realism", Sarah B. Daugherty
        • Giving a Character: Howellsian Realism in The Landlord at Lion's Head, John W. Crowley
        • Emily Dickinson's Ambrosian Nights with Christopher North, Michael West


        Winter 1993-1994, Volume 4, Number 4

        • The Houghton Library, 1991-1993
        • The Librarian and the Curators of the Houghton Library
        • The Uses of Manuscripts: Late Medieval English, Derek Pearsall
        • Seven Bad Reasons Not to Study Manuscripts, Robert Darnton
        • Columbus in Chains: Tennyson and the Conquests of Monologue, Herbert F. Tucker
        • The Two Lives of the Poem, Helen Vendler


        Fall 1993, Volume 4, Number 3

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • Updating the Library
        • David P. Wheatland (1893-1993), Roger E. Stoddard
        • Melville's Prints: The Reese Collection, Robert K. Wallace
        • Letters Home, Meredith M. Brown
        • The Waterhouse Clock, Oglesby Paul and Richard J. Wolfe
        • Reading in Revolutionary Times: Book Borrowing from the Harvard College Library, 1773-1782, Mark Olsen and Louis-Georges Harvey


        Summer 1993, Volume 4, Number 2

        • Rare Book and Manuscript Libraries in the Twenty-First Century: An International Symposium, Part Two, Edited by Richard Wendorf


        Spring 1993, Volume 4, Number 1

        • Rare Book and Manuscript Libraries in the Twenty-First Century: An International Symposium, Part One, Edited by Richard Wendorf


        Winter 1992-1993, Volume 3, Number 4

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • William Bentinck-Smith (1914-1993)
        • Centering Somewhere in Time, Clark A. Elliott
        • How Harvard Didn't Get its Rare Books & Manuscripts, Roger E. Stoddard
        • Canterbury Pilgrims and Their Horses in the Eighteenth Century, Betsy Bowden
        • Condorcet's Vie de Monsieur Turgot, Anton Gerits
        • The Provenance of the Trevet Chronicle (fMS Eng 938), Christine M. Rose
        • Thomas Jefferson's Library and the Skipwith List, Douglas L. Wilson
        • Harvard Library Bibliography: Supplement


        Fall 1992, Volume 3, Number 3

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • Use of the Harvard Libraries
        • The Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard University, 1931-1991, Stratis Haviaras
        • The 1850 Harvard Medical School Dispute and the Admission of African American Students, Doris Y. Wilkinson
        • The Iconographic History of Hans Holbein and the Younger's Icones and Their Reception in the Later Sixteenth Century, Erika Michael
        • Modernism and the American Catholic Church: Two Unpublished Essays by William Laurence Sullivan, Robert J. Penella


        Summer 1992, Volume 3, Number 2

        • Material Poetry of the Renaissance/The Renaissance of Material Poetry, Edited by Roland Greene


        Spring 1992, Volume 3, Number 1

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • The Coming Revolution in Knowledge, Michael Crichton
        • Retrospective Conversion of the Harvard Library's Card Catalogs
        • Justin Winsor on Libraries in 1885
        • Science and the Poet: Emily Dickinson's Herbarium and "The Clue Divine", Richard B. Sewall
        • Commitment to Renewal: A Strategic Plan for the Harvard College Library
        • Alice Milligan and Irish Nationalism, Carl Racine
        • William Dean Howells and the Seductress: From Femme Fatale to Femme Vitale, Elizabeth S. Prioleau


        Winter 1991, Volume 2, Number 4

        • Bits and Pieces: Music for Theatre, Edited by Lowell Lindgren


        Fall 1991, Volume 2, Number 3

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • About This Issue
        • Looking at Books, Learning From It, Passing It Along, Roger E. Stoddard
        • Librarian on the Road (To Morocco and Beyond), Fawzi Abdulrazak
        • The Authorship and Purpose of the Histoire naturelle et morale des iles Antilles, an Early Huguenot Emigration Guide, Everett C. Wilkie, Jr.


        Summer 1991, Volume 2, Number 2

        • Preserving Harvard's Retrospective Collections: Report of the Harvard University Library, Task Group on Collection Preservation Priorities


        Spring 1991, Volume 2, Number 1

        • Music Librarianship in America, Edited by Michael Ochs


        Winter 1990-1991, Volume 1, Number 4

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • The Revolution in the College Library, Kenneth E. Carpenter
        • The Stage Art of Theodore Komisarjevsky: An Exhibition in the Harvard Theatre Collection, Catherine J. Johnson
        • Shakespeare's Italians, Harry Levin
        • American Library Resources for Latin American Studies, William Vernon Jackson
        • Harvard Library Bibliography: Supplement


        Fall 1990, Volume 1, Number 3

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • About This Issue, R.J. Tarrant
        • The Vocabulary of Wax Tablets, R.H. Rouse and M.A. Rouse
        • A Bouquet of Wisdom and Invective: Houghton MS. Lat 300, Jan Ziolkowski
        • A Living Past: The Historical Environment of the Middle Ages, Giles Constable


        Summer 1990, Volume 1, Number 2

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • About This Issue
        • Conference on Research Trends and Library Resources, Lawrence Dowler
        • Say the Secret Word: An Odyssey Through Harvard's Libraries and Musuems, Barbara Haber, Joyce Toomre, and Barbara Wheaton
        • Latin Verse of the Renaissance: The Collection and Exhibition at the Houghton Library, Roger E. Stoddard
        • The Failed American Dream: Cousin Robert Temple and James's "Jolly Corner", Charles and Tess Hoffman
        • The Graphic Art of Thomas Buford Meteyard, Nancy Finlay


        Spring 1990, Volume 1, Number 1

        • Among Harvard's Libraries
        • Ralph Waldo Emerson's Report on the Harvard College Library, Edited by Kenneth E. Carpenter
        • William G. Medlicott (1816-1883): An American Book Collector and His Collection, J.R. Hall
        • The Sales of Louisa May Alcott's Books, Joel Myerson and Daniel Shealy