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New York Times

Claim your free New York Times digital account and search their archives.

Free NYT Access

All Harvard students, faculty, and staff can activate a free digital subscription to the New York Times.

Claim your account

You'll have access to:

  • A personal nytimes.com account with full digital access
  • Digital content, from mid-1990s to present, including videos, podcasts, and interactive media
  • New York Times articles from 1851 to present, from the print and digital editions

Things to know:

  • Students will have access through their graduation year
  • Faculty and staff will have access for four years
  • Crossword puzzles aren't included
  • Access is for current students, faculty, and staff only

Do you have an existing account?

Any existing nytimes.com accounts from HKS, HLS, HBS, and HSPH users will need to be re-activated. Every account holder will receive a message directly from the New York Times with registration instructions on the morning of June 1, 2021. If run into trouble, you can report a problem.

Past issues of the New York Times

To access the NYT without a digital subscription, HarvardKey holders can also use ProQuest or Nexis Uni.

1851 to 2014

Use ProQuest Historical to search full text and images from 1851 through 2014. It includes news, illustrations, editorials and advertising.

1980 to Present

To use Nexis Uni to search text from 1980 to the present day:

  1. Select the Menu drop down at the top of the search screen and choose "All Sources."
  2. Use the search box to the left to search for The New York Times.
  3. Select The New York Times source you're interested in and click the down arrow to the right, then select "Add source as a search filter."
  4. Complete your search in the search bar at the top of the page.