Teach with Special Collections

Discover, engage, and collaborate with Special Collections to help students use primary sources and understand material culture.

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Our librarians and archivists are ready to help you incorporate special collections into your classes.

Request a Class with Special Collections

Use the Class Request Tool to schedule and coordinate your sessions in Special Collections. This tool allows us to easily coordinate across libraries to help provide the best expertise and materials for your class.

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Find the Right Materials for Your Classes

Whether your needs range from medieval legal documents at the Law Library to Early Modern financial records at Baker Library to rare medical papers at Countway, we can help you find primary source materials for your students to explore.

Use Class Request and select a library to get started.


We can find, share, and contextualize physical objects remotely to help students explore material for their projects. 

Through active learning with our staff and primary source materials, students grow as researchers. Working with our our interdisciplinary experts, students and faculty can develop new projects and assignments.

To foster discovery for your students, we will work with you to:

  • Suggest objects to support learning objectives
  • Offer guides to collections and to navigating search and discovery
  • Keep materials on hold in our reading rooms for students' sustained engagement

To develop students’ analytical skills and engage their imaginations, we can:

  • Design engaging activities to develop students’ analytical skills with material culture
  • Lead interactive sessions with materials from a single library or multiple libraries
  • Help you create assignments or projects using our collections

To assist students as they develop projects, we're ready to:  

  • Mentor students in methods of material culture and digital scholarship
  • Maintain office hours and individual consultations