Davis Center Library Poster Collection

Soviet posters dating from 1919 to the 1990s.
Poster from the Brezhnev era (1976-1980). "The Soviet people can rest assured: the fruits of its creative labor are defended securely." View image details.

This newly digitized collection contains about 200 posters dating from 1919 to the 1990s. Included are:

  • Pro-literacy and pro-Bolshevik posters from the early Soviet period
  • World War II propaganda posters
  • Several bound poster collections from the postwar era lampooning NATO, Western capitalism, and religious belief
  • Poster collections from the 1980s proclaiming the dangers of drugs and alcohol
  • Poster sets from the late Soviet period commemorating Lenin's life and Soviet participation in World War II, among other events
  • Boris Yeltsin presidential campaign posters from the 1990s
  • Miscellaneous anti-war posters