Davis Center Library Poster Collection

Soviet posters dating from 1919 to the 1990s
Poster from the Brezhnev era (1976-1980). "The Soviet people can rest assured: the fruits of its creative labor are defended securely." View image details.

This digitized collection contains about 200 posters dating from 1919 to the 1990s. 

Rays of the USSR's constitution melt the Cold War (1977)
Rays of the USSR's constitution melt the Cold War (1977) View Image details

Included are:

  • Pro-literacy and pro-Bolshevik posters from the early Soviet period
  • World War II propaganda posters
  • Several bound poster collections from the postwar era lampooning NATO, Western capitalism, and religious belief
  • Poster collections from the 1980s proclaiming the dangers of drugs and alcohol
  • Poster sets from the late Soviet period commemorating Lenin's life and Soviet participation in World War II, among other events
  • Boris Yeltsin presidential campaign posters from the 1990s
  • Miscellaneous anti-war posters


Accessing These Materials

All posters in the collection have been digitized and can be browsed online, with keyword-searchable metadata in Russian and English. For additional details, please see the collection's HOLLIS record.