The Exhibit

Before redesigning it for American release as the Nintendo NES, Nintendo produced the Family Computer system, also known as the Famicom, in 1983. This exhibition follows the trajectory of Japanese console-based video games from the original Famicom through the present day. 

The display includes internationally known game titles like Super Mario Brothers and Pocket Monsters, as well as games like Ganbare Goemon that were created specifically for the Japanese market. It also features a console called the Zemmix, released in the mid-1980s by and for the domestic Korean market, and several game cartridges that were released around the same time. 

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Examples of Items on Display

  • Nintendo Famicom console (1983)
  • Dragon Quest game (1986)
  • Sony PlayStation console (1994)
  • Pocket Monsters, various game editions (1996)
  • Parasite Eve game (1998)



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