User Research Center

Harvard’s premier lab for user-centered design, digital accessibility, and testing.

Welcome to the User Research Center

Located on level A of Lamont Library, the User Research Center (URC) provides the space and tools for you to test the user experience of your digital products. The lab supports methods like interviews, prototype reviews, usability testing, and accessibility testing. The lab is available for booking or we offer equipment you can borrow to run tests anywhere.

Lab Space

Harvard affiliates can book the URC lab space for any UX or digital accessibility-related activities, including testing, interviews, and workshops. View the URC in Find a Space.

  • Participant Room Features
    • Windows usability/accessibility station with Morae Recorder, Morae Manager, Camtasia, Balsamiq, JAWS, ZoomText, Fusion, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and Kurzweil 1000
    • Windows eye-tracking station with Tobii Pro Studio and Tobii X2-60 Eye Tracker
    • iMac station with Silverback, Camtasia, Sketch, Balsamiq, and Lumens Document Camera
  • Observation Room Features
    • Conference table for test observation, pre- or post-test meetings, or focus groups
    • Windows observation/data analysis station with Morae Observer, Tableau Desktop, NVivo, and SPSS
    • Samsung TV for projecting from table or observation/data analysis station
    • Ceiling-mounted camera to record focus group sessions or user interviews

Lab calendar and booking information

Borrow Equipment

The URC offers equipment to support user testing activities within the Harvard community. Some examples of when you might borrow equipment:

  • Perform on-the-spot user testing in a location other than the URC lab space.
  • Analyze tasks from a usability test, create recording clips, or review findings in your office or a local conference room.
  • Set up a test about/in a certain space, such as conducting a micro-feedback survey in a space with an iPad stand.
  • Record user interviews or focus groups at a participant's location.
  • Perform an accessibility audit on a digital product with screen reader, screen magnification, or speech input software.

Equipment listing and loan information

Additional Services

Recruit Participants for Testing

Recruit participants from the URC’s testing pools made up of Harvard students or local assistive technology users.

Events & Workshops

Attend a variety of workshops, tours, and webinars hosted by the URC.

Consultations & Questions

Consult with experts on usability and digital accessibility projects. Send us an email with details about your project.