Visualization Support

Get help and training with data visualization design and tools—such as Tableau—for the Harvard community.

Looking to turn columns of data into a compelling story? Interested in talking through a data visualization assignment for the students in your class? Want to polish an ugly graph before submitting your paper for review? Visualization support is here to help.

Visualization Workshop Series

We offer workshops every semester. If you’re interested in one of these workshops but see no upcoming sessions — or if you have an idea for an additional workshop topic, would like to request a different workshop time for your time zone, or have any other feedback — email us.

We can schedule additional workshop sessions on demand, and in-class workshops are available on request.

  • Design Principles for Data Visualization goes over key design principles to guide your choices on color, graph type, etc. when making data visualizations.
  • Visual Eloquence: A Hands-On Workshop for Creating Effective Data Visualizations is a participatory workshop on visualizing data and using visualization for analysis and presentation in digital scholarship. 
  • Data Visualization Using Free, Online Tools compares some of strengths and weaknesses of four powerful (and free!) online tools.
  • How to Lie (to Yourself and Others) With Data Visualization gives you strategies to recognize accidentally or deliberately misleading data visualizations.
  • In Introduction to Tableau you’ll use a sample dataset to make an interactive dashboard in Tableau. 
  • In Intermediate Tableau we go over advanced techniques in Tableau, combining datasets and doing more complicated mapping, etc. 
  • In Data Visualization with Google Data Studio, we use a sample dataset to create an interactive dashboard in Google Data Studio. 
  • In Network Visualization with Gephi, you’ll use a sample data set to do network analysis and create a network visualization in Gephi. 


Need help with a project or have a more in-depth question? We offer one-on-one consultations for anyone in the Harvard community through Zoom or by email.

What can we help you with?

We’re here to help members of the Harvard community incorporate visualization techniques into their coursework, research, or teaching. We can help you at any stage of the process — from brainstorming and storyboarding to exploring your data and teaching you how to use a specific tool.

We'll help you incorporate design principles and insights on visual perception to improve your charts, infographics, and interactive web displays. Our goal is to give you what you need to create powerful visualizations that boost the impact of your work.