Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese Collections

This Widener Library collection includes a broad array of materials for study and research on Latin American, Spanish, Portuguese and Caribbean topics.

Widener Library's Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese Collections includes materials in all languages and all subjects in the humanities and social sciences published in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal.

While most of these materials are in Spanish or Portuguese, the collection also includes publications in:

  • English, French, and Dutch (from the Caribbean)
  • various indigenous languages
  • regional languages and dialects of Spain such as Catalan, Galician, and Basque

Materials in the collection come in a variety of formats, including video, microfilm, digital and images. Some highlights of the digital collections include Latin American pamphlets and Chilean protest murals.

Widener Library's's Latin American and Iberian collections are closely interwoven with the collections of other libraries at Harvard.

Government documents are housed in Government Documents/Microforms, as are most of our microform materials. The Fine Arts Library, Frances Loeb Library (Graduate School of Design), Houghton Library (rare books and manuscripts), Harvard Law School Library, Loeb Music Library, and Tozzer Library (anthropology) also hold significant resources from these world areas.

Accessing These Materials

All materials in this collection are listed in HOLLIS.