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About Scan & Deliver


Scan & Deliver is a free, electronic document delivery service for Harvard students, faculty, staff, summer school students and research assistants. You may request and obtain electronically scanned portions of certain items from the library collections that are currently on the shelf.

Requests are intended for personal use only and may not be distributed for course materials. 


How to place a request


All Scan & Deliver requests should be placed through the HOLLIS+ record. If an item is eligible, the Scan & Deliver link will appear in the availability screen for that item.


What can be requested?

  • Journal articles (one per issue) or book chapters, (one per book) not exceeding 10% of the work
  • All scans are intended for personal use only


What can't be requested?

  • Items being used as course materials, including course reserves
  • Special collections
  • Items too fragile or brittle for scanning
  • Requests exceeding 100 pages


Response time


Scans are delivered within four (4) business days.




A notice is sent to your e-mail account with a link to the PDF.


Participating collections

  • Baker
  • Fine Arts
  • Loeb Music
  • Biblioteca Berenson
  • Government Documents
  • MCZ (Ernst Mayr Library)
  • Cabot
  • Gutman
  • Physics Research
  • Chemistry
  • Harvard Depository
  • Poetry Room
  • Countway
  • Harvard Kennedy School
  • Tozzer
  • Design
  • Law
  • Widener
  • Divinity



PDF availability & request tracking


The PDF will remain available for download for 30 days. To track your filled and outstanding requests, please log in to your Scan & Deliver account.


In providing the Scan & Deliver service, the Harvard University Libraries will responsibly administer Section 108(d) of Title 17, United States Code, and related subsections, including Sections 108(a) and (g).

Scan & Deliver requests should be for no more than:

  • One article or other contribution to a periodical issue or copyrighted collection;
  • One chapter or other small part of any other copyrighted work.

Consistent with Section 108, the purpose of the service is to provide a patron a copy of the requested material for private study, scholarship, or research. The service applies only to the isolated and unrelated reproduction of a single copy of the same material on separate occasions. It does not apply to the related or concerted reproduction of multiple copies of the same material (whether made at one time or over a period of time, and whether for use by one person or multiple people). Nor does it apply to the systematic reproduction of single or multiple copies.

If a library questions whether a given request complies with the foregoing requirements, the request will enter a separate workflow for consultation with the librarian before a decision is made whether to fill the request by the Scan & Deliver service.

Examples of typical Scan & Deliver requests include:

  • A chapter of a scholarly monograph, with accompanying endnotes or bibliography
  • An article from a periodical, with accompanying images/graphics
  • A short excerpt from a work a fiction
  • A poem from an anthology
  • The table of contents or index of a scholarly monograph
  • A chapter from a textbook

Other kinds of Scan & Deliver requests may be appropriate, subject to final determination by library staff. The Scan & Deliver service cannot fulfill requests to scan material for posting on course websites. All scans are intended for personal use only.