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Documents the lives and careers of legendary Yiddish theater stars Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison.
Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison, publicity shot from tour of Argentina. View Image

Joseph Buloff (1899-1985) and Luba Kadison (1906-2006) were two of the most famous and prolific performers of Yiddish theater in the 20th century. 

Poster from Yiddish production of Death of a Salesman
Joseph Buloff in Yiddish adaptation of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, Parkway Theatre, Brooklyn, NY, 1951 View Poster

The Buloffs began their careers in Europe with the renowned Vilna Troupe, and moved to the United States in 1927 to work with Maurice Schwartz at the Yiddish Art Theater in New York City. Both were fixtures in the Yiddish theatre scene in New York for many years and performed in South American on tours in 1933 and 1940. 

In 1949, Luba and Joseph translated Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman into Yiddish and performed it to critical acclaim in Buenos Aires and in New York. 

Joseph Buloff also worked in mainstream American theater, notably starring in the original Broadway production of Oklahoma!  

The Joseph Buloff Jewish Theater Archive provides a wealth of detailed information about the Yiddish theater with materials such as:

On Stage, Off Stage
On Stage, Off Stage: Memories of a Lifetime in Yiddish Theatre Read book

In 1986, Luba Kadison Buloff and her daughter Barbara Buloff gave the Archive to Harvard. In 1992, the Harvard Library published Luba Kadison and Joseph Buloff’s memoir: On Stage, Off Stage: Memories of a Lifetime in Yiddish Theater. Full of illustrations from the Archive, the book serves as an introduction to the Buloff Archive and is freely available through HOLLIS. 

Joseph Buloff's membership book for the Jewish Actors society of Poland, 1922
Joseph Buloff's membership book for the Jewish Actors society of Poland, 1922 View Image

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